The beginning

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The company Golo s.r.l., specialized in accessory equipment for industrial vehicles, arises in the early nineties, when it breaks into the industry by repairing wooden carts drawn by horses.

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At first, the company focuses on repairing any means destined to transport goods. The company, led by Agostino Golo, grows up until 1959, when Marco Golo launches a brand new workshop which is 400 mq large, established in Malo (Vi).

A remarkable economic growth takes place, insomuch as the first workers are employed. So, it is possible to enlarge the workshop to 600 mq.


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In the following years, the awarded “Carrozzeria Golo Marco” gains more quotations. In 1974 the workshop is 1700 mq large, and it consists on a production unit of 17 workers.

Aware of the constant market evolution, and caring about any specific customer request, the company starts specializing in the vehicle equipment service.

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In 1986, the company totally changes and definitely leaves the motor vehicle repairing industry. It starts focusing exclusively on the accessory equipment service and on the repair of industrial vehicles.

In those days, the company takes the name of “Golo s.r.l.”, and the bases are laid for the transfer in a brand new establishment, based in San Tomio di Malo (Vi).



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1991 is a crucial year for the company. Encouraged by the increasing turnover and by the need for a bigger workshop – in order to build equipment for large vehicles – Francesco Golo transfers Golo s.r.l. into a larger establishment, that is 3500 mq large and consists on a 10000 mq service area.

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The following year, the company takes part in the most important trade show dedicated to accessory equipment service, Verona Transpotec.

And here is the exceptional turning-point that leads the company to hold a prominent role in the accessory equipment service. High quality and reliability sets the company apart from the competition.

The search for innovative materials, and the use of very high technology, enable the company to localize customers, to make itself known by new sales lead, and to become more and more well-known for its high quality accessory equipment.


Toward the future

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In 2004 the company gains the high quality brand ISO 9001:2000 through the accredited certification body DNV. In 2006, the establishment is enlarged to 2000 mq with the installation of a sandblast plant, in order to guarantee extreme reliability and dedication to the care of the product.

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Golo s.r.l. is a dynamic, fast-moving and up-to-date company, which aims to provide high quality products and to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. Born to provide the perfect solution for every costumer, meeting every specific needs, the company offers its skills and makes use of very high technology. In particular, thanks to a 3D software, the customer is given the opportunity to visualize his own and unique accessory equipment. He is able to check every single detail of the equipment, and it is possible to virtually see how the final vehicle will look like.

A company suspended between past and future. A company deeply rooted in handmade productions and traditions, which are particularly well-known in the area of Alto Vicentino. A company gazing at a constantly evolving and highly competitive market, which requests more and more competence and professionalism.